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No matter what stage of our life or business you are in, experiencing burnout can stop you dead in your tracks. I know for myself the last time I had a burnout episode (in 2014) it was painfully brutal & affected every aspect of my life, like my work, my relationship with my boyfriend, having time to spend with family & consistently feeling like I was drowning. At that time, taking care of myself & asking for help was a foreign concept but soon I had no other choice. Since then I have learned to do things a little differently & I want to help you do the same.

Here is my list of 10 things I have implemented to avoid burnout.

1. Be Intentional with your actions. When you are creating time to do something, focus & do only that one thing. Multitasking can totally kill your energy. If your actions are not contributing to your goal, it gets a “NO”. It’s that simple, you’re not going to do it because it is not a priority if it doesn’t mean spending quality time with family, taking care of yourself or moving you closer to accomplishing your goal.

2. Manage your activities. We don’t need to do everything ourselves, we only need to do what is right for us & what we are inspired to do. Also as women our hormones & bodies shift throughout the month & depending on where we are on our menstrual cycle will determine what kind of activities you will be most productive at (You can download your cheat sheet here).

3. Eat more fruits & vegetables. Your body needs energy to perform at a high level so feed yourself properly & drink plenty of water.

4. Consistent mindset practice. Your mind determines how you perceive things & how you respond. Our brain works in two steps; 1. It thinks a thought & then 2. It proves it to be right. If you think life is hard, then get prepared for a hard life ahead of you because your brain is going to subconsciously find evidence of it all around you.

5. Have a morning routine. This will help ground you & align your energy. When you start the day with a clear mind you will perform better & not get easily frazzled by small things. You will stay grounded in your power leading you to feel more confident when things don’t go as planned.

6. Follow with your intuition. This will help you stay in alignment & prevent you from doing things that don’t feel good to you. Stay true to yourself.

7. Schedule in self-care. Self-care is our divine responsibility to nourish and care for ourselves in the deepest most beautiful way possible. Many people decide to work first & then if they have time they will indulge in self-care & I am here to tell you that’s wrong. I have had to learn to put self-care before my work. If I am not fully supported & taken care of, it won’t matter how long I work or what I do, I will not be showing up as my best self, therefore I cannot put out my best work.

8. Be flexible. Things rarely happen as planned so don’t beat yourself up over it or try desperately to control things. Go with the flow & adjust as you go. You will be happier, I promise.

9. Get more sleep. Without sleep our body cannot function. We cannot think clearly, we make mistakes, we become like zombies. Lack of sleep alone, will lead to burnout. Take naps if you have to but find time for sleep.

10. Have fun. Take time to do things you LOVE to do. Color, dance, chill with your friends, watch funny movies. Whatever brings you joy. Do it.

Remember being burnout is a state of being that feels like shit so take time to reflect on your life right now & see what shifts need to be made. Which preventative tip above are you inspired to incorporate today.

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