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Karla Mejia | Intuitive Business Coach

Connect with your heart. Strategize with your intuition. Step into your feminine power.

I’m Karla Mejia, a heart-centred, intuitive coach for passionate women entrepreneurs who are ready to shine in their feminine power and be guided by their inner knowing.

The truth is, I’ve been on a journey. I went from one failed business and a corporate job I totally hated into a period of unemployment, total soul searching, and deep healing. Through that process, I’ve created a thriving coaching business and rebuilt my life. My secret weapon? Intuition.

What does that even mean? To me, intuition is God whispering the answers. It happens deep inside of each one of us in each and every moment. The question is: HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING?

If you’re feeling…

  • Like you hear the whispers of intuition calling your name, but your past mistakes have left you paralyzed and full of self-doubt
  • Like you might be able to figure out what you want, if only you could stop paying attention to everyone around you who thinks they know better
  • Like you’re going to drown in stress and overwhelm before you can make any forward movement
  • Like you’re missing some simple but crucial piece of the puzzle, and you’re running around in circles trying to figure out what it is

And you desire…

 To have an unshakeable connection to your inner guidance so that you always know what next steps to take
 To have confidence and total peace of mind through the knowledge that you are always supported and you’re free to follow your heart
 To take action from a place that feels expansive and joyful so that you can truly enjoy the journey of living your greatest life
To take divine care of yourself–body, mind and soul–so that you may live your life in total alignment, ease and flow.

Well then, you’re in the right place my love.

Everyday, heart-centred women are showing up and doing legendary shit. We are founding new businesses, running non-profits, building communities, leading movements, and inspiring the masses, all while being of service to the greater good.

You are one of these women. Trust me. I see you.