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Hi love bug!

I know you’re looking for some essential oils to help you relax, de-stress and feel peaceful right?

Well your in the right place!

Through my journey of healing myself of PTSD & working with countless coaching clients I have found that underneath our search for peace we also really crave;

– to fully trust in ourselves & our ability to overcome anything that comes our way

– to feel completely supported

– to feel confident expressing ourselves so that we may communicate our needs & desires & ask for help

– to fully let go of all our worries so that we can experience joy

If you agree, you are going to LOVE this essential oil blend!

Inner Peace Essential Oil Blend:

Lavender Essential Oil for calming your insecurities, releasing tension in your body & it helps to prompt confidence in express yourself & speaking your truth

Chamomile Essential Oil to help you relax to feel connected & supported by the divine

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to support you in releasing everything that no longer serves you & to help you tap into joy

Geranium Essential Oil to help you tap into your heart & trust

Isn’t that beautiful!

So where can you buy essential oils to make your own blend?

There are many places online & at your local natural health store where you can pick up these oils. I recommend always reading the label to make sure they are NOT fragrant oils & always 100% natural.

If you would like to purchase this blend already made for you with pretty packaging, you can grab your bottle here ->

I hope you enjoyed this essential oil blend to help you de-stress & feel more at peace.


Karla Mejia