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Client Love

Before I started working with Karla I was greatly affected by other people’s energy and I had a hard time staying in my own high vibe when dealing with all kinds of other energies and vibes.  After working with Karla I have been set FREE from the effects of other people’s energy!  I did private one-on-one sessions with Karla, her meditations and card readings too. Having had this amazing experience I have been able to stay in my own beautiful energy, release anyone or anything that takes me away from my highest vibe. I would recommend working with Karla privately one-on-one, in her courses and all of the goodness she offers to EVERYONE. She is truly an energy and inner peace goddess.

Jill Galano

Abandance Coach & Sales Goddess, Soulful Sales with Jill

I have done two a la carte sessions with Karla + both have been insanely insightful. She is very easy to open up too and she not only provides advice but digs deeper to help your find meaning throughout your life. Karla is extremely gifted with not only providing the insight you need but helping you find the guidance from within. I would recommend anyone who is looking for affirmation or guidance in their life or business to reach out to her!

Emily Bowie

Lifestyle Coach ,

Before working with Karla I was really struggling to find balance in my business life. I was feeling pulled in multiple directions and nothing was really feeling like it fit and it was anything but fun! I was loving the work I was doing with my clients but I wasn’t loving the other stuff that came along with it and it was blocking me from attracting my soul mate clients. I was caught in a ‘should’ spiral and comparison game was at an all time high. Working with Karla was amazing! Her intuitive work really showed me how to give myself permission to let my business grow the way it was meant to and really gave it flow! Her ongoing support throughout our time together was great; she always made sure to check in when she noticed me shifting or resisting and reminded me of what I was looking for and to move towards that. In just 4 sessions we were able to work through a lot of my blocks and I’m feeling super excited about all aspects of my business. Using meditation, intuition and connection, Karla helped guide me through my vision for a program I’m creating and now it’s finally coming to life! Her down to earth, loving and supportive nature are a beautiful way to bring the feminine and divine to business and I’m so grateful for her wisdom. If you’re looking for someone to remind you of your gifts and bring clarity to your business Karla is your woman.

Kendra Hadley

Confidence Coach, Wellness Counselor and Self Love Ambassador, Kendra Hadley RPCc

Working with Karla feels like relaxing into a calm, loving, comforting space with someone you know you can trust and who will support you and guide you to your highest good. She is competent, kind, and exudes so much warmth. With Karla as your coach, you’ll have an advocate, someone who will encourage you to be the best person you can be, and an empathetic listener. Karla mixes intuition with practical guidance and spunk – and I left every coaching session with her feeling uplifted, hopeful, and clear about what I needed to do next to make life even more brilliant.

Solveig Pedersen

Life & Love Coach , Sol & Heart Coaching

Before I started working with Karla I was stuck in the daily struggle of running my business and not getting enough clients that appreciated my work. Since working with Karla she has helped me connect to my intuition and inner guidance which has provided clarity on my next steps in business and guide me to making some huge decisions with ease. She has also help me identify who my soul mate client is and I have already started to book new business with women who not only appreciate my work but who happily pay my rates without negotiating. I’ am so excited for what this year has to come.

Olivia Ha

Beauty Specialist , Olivia Ha Beauty Specialist

This women is an intuitive goddess & she has completely changed me in one session! 15 years of doubt, resentment & so much negativity all went out the window. She is amazing!

Rachel Thornhill

Branding Sensei, Rebellion Creative Studio

Before I started working with Karla I was in a bit of a tough spot with my business. I wasn’t sure what next steps to take and why I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in a job I knew I loved. Since working with Karla, I have found a new clarity, purpose, focus and balance in my business and personal life. During the last month so many exciting things have happened and I feel really great about where this year is going! I feel more professional, organized and productive and love getting up for work every day! I love what Karla helped me discover within myself. I loved that she guided me to find what I knew deep down and bring it to the surface as opposed to telling me what to do. Her methods of self-exploration, meditation and navigation were so relaxing and uplifting. I would recommend Karla to any women who is looking to reconnect with their intuition, gain clarity in their business and attract their dream clients.

Danielle Barich

Creative Director, The White Book Wedding Co.