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All my life people have sought me out to help them figure out what they should do next & how to do it. I have a gift of connecting people with their inner truth, discovering their true desires & helping them discover the path to take that is right for them so that they can accomplish their goals & live a life they feel excited about.

I empower others & give them that extra loving push to go after what they really want, even tho it may seem scary. They know they can always trust me to hold space for them. I am like a beautiful one-of-a-kind crystal in your collection that helps you ground down when life gets crazy & helps you get clear on your vision so you can take action towards it & live a life you love {& of course, stop the cycle of craziness & stress}

Want more details about how I got here? Read below. 

When I hit my rock bottom, I was burnt out physically and emotional drained.

I had created a side business as an attempt to escape from my corporate job, but I did it from a place of fear and lack rather than creating something that I really loved. I listened to everyone else’s opinions about what I should do and how I should do it, rather than trusting my own inner knowing.

As you can probably guess, I didn’t carve a path out of my corporate job with this business. I ended up working with clients and put myself in situations that drained my time, money and energy. What I did do was create $24,000 in debt and sink into an intense anxiety around my value and worth in the world.

Worst of all, I began second guessing everything. I mean everything. I didn’t trust myself to make any decisions because I was so traumatized by my past mistakes. I felt overwhelmed and totally paralyzed… like I would suffocate under the weight of my life. Like my head was actually going to explode.

I was a hot mess. Completely disconnected from myself and my deeper knowing. Like a zombie who really needed a Xanax.

The only thing that pulled me out of the hot mess I was in (and into a life I now love) was re-connecting to my intuition so I could connect with my true desires and discover what I really wanted to experience in my life.

Slowly, I began to recognize my intuitive voice within. I began to trust myself again and to see the light in my darkness..

I concentrated on rebuilding my inner world: healing my mind, clearing my limiting beliefs and creating new, supportive ones, and learning how to really listen to my inner guidance and follow my heart. I found that the more I connected to my intuition, the more easily I knew what steps to take next. I developed new rituals and habits that supported my new way of life and my future goals. I deepened my trust in God, which allowed me to totally surrender the outcome of my actions while still knowing on the deepest level that everything was working out for my highest good. My confidence sky rocketed and I developed a deeper love for myself and my own gifts that I bring to the world.

From a place of deep inner peace, I made the decision to rebuild my life on my own terms. Since then, I have created a heart-centered business that I love and feel crazy passionate about. I help other passionate women in letting go of the stress and anxiety and learn how to re-connect to their true desires, so they can live a life they love too.

My transformation didn’t happen overnight or without a lot of conscious effort. That said, when I look at my life today, the changes I see blow me away. I work from a place of total peace, ease and flow. Totally open to support and allowing my inner truth to lead the way. And now it goes without saying, I ONLY work with dream soulmate clients that I feel excited to serve. And I want the same for you in your life and business. To be of service in a way that feels good to you.

If you are ready to make a shift, I invite you to see what options you have for receiving support. Click Here to learn more.