So your energy feels…. off 

  • You feel drained, tired & burnt out 

  • You feel frustrated, resentful and you didn’t know why

  • Anything someone says or does to you leaves you in tears


It’s like you are trapped on an emotional rollercoaster & you can’t get off!


If your reading this right now it’s because you are a highly sensitive person & you;


  • Are absorbing other people’s energy

  • You don’t have strong energetic boundaries with people {yes even with your loved ones}

  • You do not have a solid practice of clearing & grounding your energy {yet}


And that’s okay! I say this because this is what I have experienced & it has left me feeling stuck & hopeless for several years. Until I learned how to manage my own energy. The picture above is of a live event with 120 women that I attended this year {with my beautiful soul sister Angie da Rosa} & I got to really notice how far I have come with managing my energy. This was the second biggest event I have attended this year & both times I didn’t burn out. I finally feel confident in managing my energy no matter what the circumstance. I have been sharing everything I know with my 1:1 clients & now I get to share everything I know with YOU.


Before I started taking The Energy Bubble eCourse I was feeling a lot of heaviness, guilt and resentment. I have been around a lot of heavy energy lately. I’ve been so busy with all the moving parts going on in my life that I’ve neglected a lot of myself, one of them being my energy. I haven’t taken the time to shield myself or come back to my energy.

– After taking The Energy Bubble eCourse I, feel lighter. It helped bring me back to forgiveness and love. It’s crazy how when become so involved in life’s hustle it’s so easy to get lost in the game. That’s what happened to me…this e course helped ground me again. It’s exactly what I needed when I needed it. It’s definitely a must AND a go to every time you need the energy bubble refresher! I loved it and love Karla ❤️

Jessica Garcia

Coach, I am Jess Garcia

Karla’s The Energy Bubble course. This was such an amazing journey journey. I always had a way to really refill and release stagnant energy but with Karla’s course I learned even faster , easier ways in making it a more pleasurable process. Karla truly put her heart and soul into this course and you can truly feel it when you listening to her meditations, in our live Q&A’s. This is really a powerful course. Karla is such a beautiful light in this world and such a energy shift master! AND a essential oil magician!! Love this course and I love you Karla! thank you for sharing your gifts with the world sister!

Sandra Suarez Dominguez

Intuitive Coach, Luminous Inner Wisdom

Before I started TEB eCourse, I was curious to learn how to better manage my energy – both in my work work and my interpersonal relationships. I sensed that I could learn more from Karla, and I was right! After taking TEB eCourse, I have more tools for managing my energy – and I feel more confident that I can re-center and ground when I need to do so. For me, the end result was having more tools in my toolkit for dealing with challenging situations and taking care of myself. 
Knowing that I can turn to some of the meditations and tools Karla offered is so helpful. I have already done some of the meditations multiple times, and I’m loving them. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling like they want to learn how to return to their inner strength and knowing, and manage their energy in more intentional ways. 
Solveig Pedersen

Life & Love Coach , Sol & Heart Coaching

Imagine you have been incased in a protective bubble where you are:

– Protected from any yucky energy coming at you

– Feeling  grounded & safe in your own energy

– Feeling energized & nourished from the inside out

Sounds pretty awesome right!


Welcome to…

The Details

During our time together you will learn how to;

Stop absorbing other people’s crazy energy

Stop taking everything personally

Feel grounded in your own beautiful energy

Feel nourished and energized

Feel energetically and emotionally protected around other people

Feel lighter and happier

This is for;

Women who are ready to shift out of their funky energy once and for all

Women who are ready to stop the flood of tears when interacting with other people

Women who are done feeling yucky after absorbing other people’s emotions and energy

Women who are highly sensitive and want to feel empowered


In The Energy Bubble course you will receive;

4 weekly video lessons with worksheets emailed to you

2 group coaching call recordings

Private Facebook group for extra support from your soul sisters


Energy Reset Masterclass 

Essential Oils & Emotions Masterclass 

The Breakdown:

Week 1: Intro To Your Energy Bubble – Learn how to connect with your own energy so that you can ground yourself & easily identify when you are absorbing other people’s energy

Week 2: The Gentle Release – Learn different techniques to release any yucky energy depending on what you are experiencing & what the situation is

Week 3: Divine Protection – Learn several techniques on how to protect your energy

Week 4: Implement & Nourish – Learn how to tie everything together & nourish your energy

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