How To Protect Your Energy

Do you feel drained when you interact with other people?  This is a sign that you are absorbing other people's energy - yikes!  But not to worry, I recorded this video  to help you protect your energy.  Click "Play" to watch.  If you found this video helpful & want to...

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Top 25 Self Care Mantras & Affirmations

Everyone is talking about mantras and affirmations and how they can help reprogram your mind. If your new at this don't worry, I have your back! Here is my collection of 25 self care mantras and affirmations to help you get started.   I value myself. I value my mind,...

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How To Create Your Own Mantra

Many times we see awesome quotes on Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook and adopt them as our own. Then we wonder why it’s not working for us. The truth is, there is a bit of a science that goes behind it all. Below is a quick guide to help you create your perfect mantra....

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10 Steps To Prevent Burnout

No matter what stage of our life or business you are in, experiencing burnout can stop you dead in your tracks. I know for myself the last time I had a burnout episode (in 2014) it was painfully brutal & affected every aspect of my life, like my work, my relationship...

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